Amending the Bylaws

Thirty (30) days’ notice of the Annual General or Special General meeting of  ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM must include details of the proposed resolution to change the Bylaws must be sent out by the Chair with regular Board announcements.

● Any voting Member may make a motion to amend these Bylaws or Policies by notice to the Chair, who will forward it to the Policy Review Committee.

● All motions to amend these Bylaws or Policies must be reviewed and recommendations must be made by the Policy Committee according to the following:

  • Before the motion is brought to corporation, the Member making the motion shall submit the proposed amendments to the Policy Committee; and,
  • If the motion is brought to Corporation either as a posted motion or as new business without having been reviewed by the Policy Committee, the Chair shall refer it to the Committee except as otherwise provided herein:
  • The Policy Committee shall review all proposed amendments to the Bylaws or Policies within fourteen (14) days of the submission of the proposed amendments, taking extenuating circumstances into account when applicable.
  • The Policy Committee shall make a presentation or provide written rationale to Corporation outlining recommendations with respect to the proposed amendments to these Bylaws or Policies. These recommendations shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Any recommended modifications to the wording or grammar of the proposed amendments;
    • Any recommended modifications to other sections of these Bylaws or Policies which will be affected by the proposed amendments, and
    • Any comments or concerns about the merits or ramifications of the proposed amendments.

● Policy may be created to last a definite or an indefinite period of time, indefinite is presumed unless otherwise specified.

● Policy may be standing policy or statement policy.

  • Standing policy governs that of operational matter.
  • Statement policy acts as publication of ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM’s wishes, opinions, or beliefs.

All ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM policies will be filed together in a “policy book,” posted on the internet and available to all members and the public.

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