Representation and Membership

ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM represents Indigenous (Inuit, Metis and First Nations) Youth between the ages of 12 – 24 yrs through the GTA; the Corporation will ensure that there will always be a (8) member subcommittee Youth Council in existence for as long as the ENAGB Youth Program exists.

Eligibility for Membership

  • Membership in the Corporation must be indigenous (Inuit, Metis and First Nation) A resident of North America/Turtle Island, living in Toronto.
  • Is between the ages of 12 – 24 years of age.
  • Or 25+ who have accessed the program and is now aged out of the program or those that have a genuine interest in the objectives of the Corporation and whose application for Membership has been approved by the Board through its subcommittee ENAGB youth council;

Rights and Privileges of Members

  • Receive notice of meetings of ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM;
  • Attend any meeting of the ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM;
  • Speak at any public meeting of the ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM; and
  • Exercise other rights and privileges given to Members in these Bylaws.

Voting Membership & Privileges

  • The definition of Membership is only for voting with regard to changes to the Board of Directors and By-laws.
  • A voting Member is entitled to one (1) vote at a meeting of ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM.

Suspension of Membership

Decision to Suspend
The Board may suspend a Member’s Membership for one or more of the following reasons:

  • if the Member has failed to abide by the Bylaws;
  • if the Member has been disloyal to ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM;
  • if the Member has disrupted meetings or functions of ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM; or
  • if the Member has done or failed to do anything judged to be harmful to ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM.

Notice to the Member

  • The affected Member will receive written notice of the Board’s intention to deal with whether that Member should be suspended or not.
  • The notice will be sent by electronic mail to the last known address of the Member shown in the records of ENAGB YOUTH PROGRAM. The notice may also be delivered by an Officer of the Board.
  • The notice will state the reasons why suspension is being considered Decision of the Board.
  • The Member or a representative of the member will have an opportunity to appear before the Board to address the matter. The Board may allow another person to accompany the Member.
  • The Board will determine how the matter will be dealt with, and may limit the time given the Member to address the Board.
  • The Board may exclude the Member from its discussion of the matter, including the deciding vote.
  • The decision of the Board is final.

Membership Registration